Team 1 –
Jena Ringo (Captain)
Jane Beall
Josh Hunt

Team 2 –
Jen Kaido (Captain)
Kevin Conklin
Sarah Hollis

Team 3 –
Amanda Hunt (Captain)
Karen Woods
Nick Sipics

Team 4 –
Chad Woodward (Captain)
Becca Evans
Dave Paine

Team 5 –
Brian Meyer (Captain)
Erin Craig
Ami Guilfoy

Team 6 –
Dan Gabbard (Captain)
Miranda Hammer
Erik Stinson

Team 7 –
Stacey Markus (Captain)
Andy Miller
Mike Latran

Team 8 –
Dana Leenheer (Captain)
Mike Lewis
Carmen Serra

Team 9 –
Jenny Mann (Captain)
Bre Sprague
Rana Shahi

Team 10 –
Kate Olivier (Captain)
Claire Hardsaw
Shane Wells

Team 11 –
Kevin Adams
Jessica Aldridge
Mindy Schelling (Captain)

Team 12 –
Jeff Hamilton (Captain)
Jamie Manuel
Laura Collins

Team 13 –
Paula Rode (Captain)
Chris Rode
HyperFit Teammate

Team 14 –
Jim Beebe (Captain)
Patrick Jackson
Dana Bonaminio

Team 15 –
Lauren M
Gerrard F
Lauren S. (Lo)

Team 16 –
Eli S. (6pm)
Tugso G. (6pm)
David Downey


4 responses »

  1. You forgot me… 😦

  2. rodelives says:

    My check is in the mail……..really ! 🙂
    P.s. does this count as on of my posts???

  3. Elias says:

    Team 16 -David Downey…. I would like to meet you in person and learn about your paleo diet progress. I will be at the 11am class today hopefully you can make it. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Where am I? It’s fine, Chewy and I will be on a team

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