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  1. Tyler says:

    11 minutes

  2. Meghan R says:


  3. Jenny R says:


  4. 1425toshaca says:


  5. Jane says:

    11:fifty something…

  6. Jeff Hamilton says:


  7. Margie Craft says:

    13:00 on the dot. Ugh… That was tough!

  8. Chad W says:

    12:55 – those lunges sucked.

  9. jenaringo says:


  10. merrittmarie says:

    Thanks Jenny R and Karen W for letting me join you on getting this workout done!

  11. Andy Murray says:


  12. bryaBryan B says:


  13. Rod Kelly says:

    Who knew that you needed to breathe so much as a rest during planking due to lunges???

  14. Keisto Lucero says:

    12:53 after miss Diane tonight… Maybe not my best idea, but now I’ll sleep like a baby!

  15. 10:55

    Do I get bonus points for starting my day at 5:45 a.m. at CFNT doing the two paleo WODs and ending my day st 11 p.m. in my hotel room in Sea Island, GA, with the paleo WOW? Crossfitted out 🙂

  16. 9:17 after Cindy this morning….I didn’t see Pukie the Clown so I’m good!

  17. 11:31 My legs are on FIRE from deadlines yesterday. Good grief!

  18. Amanda H says:


    Apparently when I do lunges my dog thinks it play time, then moving to plank and its licking time. Her distractions may have affected my time.

  19. Sarah Smock says:


  20. kristisa says:

    14:20. I don’t like doing these by myself. I need to be yelled at…lol!

  21. Stacey M. says:

    wow I don’t know how you guys did it so fast.

  22. Laura W says:

    Ooooo bummer, I mis-read & thought this was due today.

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