Pat Yourself on the Back!

You’ve accomplished something that many have not.  Learning how to fuel your body appropriately!

Now kill today’s WOD and be Pumped for the After Picture and measurements.


About cfnaptowncoach

I am the Co-Owner of CrossFit NapTown located in downtown Indianapolis. We are the first CrossFit specific box located within the downtown region of the Amateur Sports Capital of the World... Indianapolis, IN. We opened on October 8th, 2011 and look forward to educating those in Indianapolis on the methodologies of CrossFit to enhance individual fitness, nutrition, and over-all well being.

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  1. hebroneric says:

    I can’t wait! I am so stoked to see my results. I cannot WOD until 4:30 I may go in and get measured and pictured at noon. On my personal scale I am down nearly 14 pounds. I am going for big gains on the WOD.

    I know this is all I have talked about for days now. This is the last time you will have to hear it. Over and out! Boom.

  2. Jeanne R. says:

    I’ve rarely been this intentional about my diet and I love the difference in the way I feel…..thanks for the challenge….you all are changing my world!

  3. Joe St. says:

    I did my measurements and WOD’s and happy with the results. I’m not as excited to eat non-paleo foods like I thought.

  4. Megan Thomas says:

    I’m excited/curious/anxious to see the Paleo measurements and results…!
    Especially to see how this challenge compares to November’s results.

  5. Joe St. says:

    I wish I listened to yesterday’s warning.

  6. Leslie G. says:

    We went to Bosphorus and had Turkish food post WOD. I had a few pieces of pita bread and a little hummus, but otherwise, beef and veggies. It was enough to make me feel bloated, but not too bad! I’m definitely not motivated to continue eating non-Paleo food. It tasted great, but it’s back to Paleo in the AM. I am pretty pleased with my results. I can’t wait to hear who wins what. Great job, everyone!

  7. lizmichele says:

    How did I miss my last blog yesterday!

    I did have my Soy Chai Latte, and a bit of mayo in some tuna, and maybe 14 m&m’s. But even when surrounded by tortilla chips, cheesy dip, beer and 5 bowls of candy I didn’t have that much desire to indulge. I am going to continue my Paleo-ing through my bday (2/25!), but give myself some open meals, 1 per Saturday.

    Have to come in and get measured still. But saw great improvement on my pullups and some improvement on the WOD. I hate the scale. But it went down some as well. This day is shot due to work events. But I will be in tomorrow for my measurements, hope that isn’t too late.

    I know, I need a poem, but my brain is fried from this ridiculous work week and all I can think about are timelines and Creative Briefs! Inspirtaion may hit me later…stay tuned.

    I actually had a post-paleo melt down last night trying to figure out what to have for dinner. The old Liz said “eat pizza, and pizza, and pizza”, but the Paleo-Liz just couldn’t do it! So I made some tuna (indulged with organic mayo) and carrots! I know, I am a rebel!

    • Elyse Nicole says:

      Nice work Liz! If someone could find a way to make a completely paleo kosher pizza taste like a Papa Johns pizza, I would pay that person SO MUCH money. This way of thinking helps me conserve any cravings I might have…I say to myself, ” You are NOT a crack addict trying to quit crack. It’s FOOD for god sakes!” And then I get over it lol.

  8. Elyse Nicole says:

    Yay for Paleo! I recently did the WHOLE 30 (off the website that was listed above to help you maintain your Paleo lifestyle after the 30 days) and I feel better than I’ve ever felt. I lost a total of 7 lbs. after living a Paleo lifestyle (no grains, legumes, soy, occasional dairy) but I was including some “Paleo Junk Food” i.e. almond flour pancakes, protein shakes, paleo pizza recipes, etc. and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t able to go the 4-5 hours without eating, and why I wasn’t leaning out.

    Completely wiping out all processed foods, alcohol, and unrefined sugars for 30 days is ABSOLUTELY crucial to achieving your overall results. Some people may even have to do it longer (depending on how bad your previous dietary habits were). Another thing I have learned from my WHOLE 30 is that you need to be aware of your family history. If diabetes and high cholesterol runs in your family, don’t take this lightly. Some of us genetically create more bad cholesterol than others, or may have insulin spikes at the first sign of sugar (the 30 days will help with this though). This means you might be extra sensitive to something that has even a natural sugar (cane juice, turbinado sugar, pure maple syrup, honey, etc.). For example, Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon from Trader Joe’s is AMAZING….BUT if you look at the list of ingredients on the back, there is turbinado sugar listed. Therefore this food option may be better as an “every once in awhile” treat for yourself.

    Lastly, I think sometimes Paleo promotes bacon a little TOO much. I have NO problem with bacon (I LOVE IT), but in terms of protein value in grams it brings little to the table. Also, if you are not paying extra special attention to your Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, eating bacon every single day may make your cholesterol creep up. During the WHOLE 30, I increased my fish oil intake to 9, 1,000 mg pills a day in order to increase my Omega 3 ratio. I also felt this made a difference in my ability to stay at a ketonic state.

    The information above is what I personally experienced and learned from the WHOLE 30. I do not want to offend bacon lovers (lol), and this is a reflection of MY experience and I do understand that everyone is different.

    Kudos to all of you who completed the Paleo Challenge! It puts a smile on my face when I hear all of you cheering on the stress-free, energetic, healthy lifestyle that Paleo promotes. It takes a lot of courage/dedication/self-control/open-mindedness to take on something that goes against the “grain” of what the general public believes is healthy eating. That pun was intended haha!

    Last thing, I have created a blog where I have created a “Paleo Kosher” grocery list, and I have listed the exact locations in Indianapolis for all of the food items. There are also a couple recipes but the blog is a work in progress. Visit!

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