For many of you the Paleolithic Diet is a completely new beast, for others this is second nature (Merritt), but I thought today would be a great day for everyone to include some of their favorite Paleo websites.    Whether you found the best website ever on recipes, a blog from some random non-paleo comedian, or just a simple informative piece… please copy and paste it in your comment so we can all see.

Just like everything else through the web; solid, accurate information can be lost or hidden within the muck.  So let’s help each other out and pre-qualify some of these websites for our fellow Paleo competitors.

For example, if you aren’t familiar with Robb Wolf…

Then you really haven’t even begun to dive into Paleo!!!

I’m going to attempt to compile an all inclusive list of all websites, recipes, information, etc… onto the “RESOURCES” page for use by all competitors and members of CFNT.  That way when the challenge is over and you want to look back at some information you don’t have to go searching through each day and every post, but rather just straight to the “RESOURCES” section.  I hope that works for everyone!


About cfnaptowncoach

I am the Co-Owner of CrossFit NapTown located in downtown Indianapolis. We are the first CrossFit specific box located within the downtown region of the Amateur Sports Capital of the World... Indianapolis, IN. We opened on October 8th, 2011 and look forward to educating those in Indianapolis on the methodologies of CrossFit to enhance individual fitness, nutrition, and over-all well being.

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  1. Moises Del Mar says:

    I usually use google, then type in whatever it is I want to research. that’s:

  2. hebroneric says:

    I will be honest I let Leslie do it all. I have looked up some standards on google Moises style. But my real orical is my wife. This is also true because she cooks a good amount of our meals. If it was up to me things would be pretty bland and plain. Her creativity and variety has helped me maintain in this challenge. I am still strong with no open meals. I have eaten more fruit than i think is good for my goals, but still paleo.

    By the way I am down to 201 from 210.6 that is nearly a pound a day. I was fairly impressed with my loads in the strength WOD yesterday-both the push jerk and bench press no PRs but considering the weight loss strength is still there.

  3. Christy says:

    I have used the website below for a bunch of recipes that have turned out really well.

    I also love Sarah Fragoso’s cookbook “Everyday Paleo”, but her website is just as good to get information from.

  4. Megan Thomas says:

    Lots of quick and easy recipes:
    Food porn:
    A little bit of everything: and

  5. Nikita says:

    I love this link my sister sent me about what you can and can’t eat on paleo:

  6. lizmichele says:

    Nikita, I love that!

    Mr. Robb also have a million podcasts you can listen to. I haven’t yet, but perhaps if I have a long drive between now and February 2nd I might.

    I haven’t made any of these, but I have looked at them…

    I am gearing up for my next big shopping spree, the fridge is getting bare and I have been hungry all day.

    This poem is for Kim
    Legumes, Legumes, what did you do
    To be vanquished from my weeks’ menu

    Legumes, Legumes I so miss you
    From hummus to chili and back over to stew

    Legumes, Legumes, I guess we are through
    Because according to Robb I don’t really need you

    I have fruits and veggies and meat with a face (ewe)
    A legume-less diet I will learn to embrace…

    Who am I kidding, Kim and I make the best hummus ever and I am eating it as soon as I can!

  7. eileen says:

    one day i was searching moises style and came across this paleo mom’s blog:

    (this is a link to her 45 day paleo challenge MENU!! complete with recipes) AND, i found out she is from crossfit indy north, and she competed in the GLI competition. cool, huh?

    i also like everydaypaleo

    this has come great recipes as well fit into nice categories. i have made the banana/flax pancakes and they turned out great!

  8. Thanks to everyone for sharing their links!

    I find new online sources of Paleo information and recipes every day! While I have moved on from most of the online reading about why Paleo is good for your body, I am now engrossed in all the wonderful stories of people’s success with Paleo and all the wonderful recipes out there!

    Here are some of my bookmarked links:

    There is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming at times. At a certain point, the idea of eating Paleo approved food becomes so routine, that it is just food. Being on Paleo is not just about improving your cooking skills, but is about feeling good and being stronger and more energized to enjoy all parts of life!

  9. Kim Schwieterman says:

    Liz, the legume poem was fairly amazing.

    I don’t have one particular site, rather I google whatever food I’m craving an add “paleo” after it. So far, so good. Traveling for the rest of the week but did well on the road today. Sorry I missed the team WOD! Sounded fun…

  10. ok, I totally typed out a list of my bookmarked links last night and pressed “post comment” but as I can see now, it didn’t actually post. What a bummer. I will add my links tonight so they can be included in the resources section.

  11. Josh F. says:

    Thanks for the links! I’ve started running out of side dishes, so this is great!

  12. Leslie Gardner says:

    Thanks for the plethora of links and info! I pretty much stick to Sarah Fragoso, Robb Wolf, various blogs, or making up my own stuff. I posted a photo of the bison burger with mushrooms and peppers that I made the other day and a friend asked for the link to the recipe. I was pretty excited to tell her that I hadn’t followed a recipe, but just made it up minutes before we ate it. It was a huge compliment because she has been Paleo for quite some time!

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